Monday, February 4, 2013

Why is corruption bad for the society and how curbing corruption can help in promoting sustainable..:)

As we all know, there are many bad effect on community about the problem of corruption. Among the adverse effects of the first is raised cost of people's needs. For the high income group, they do not feel the increase in prices, but this effect can be felt by those on low incomes. This low-income group will suffer as the cost of living is rising every day. In addition, the second effect is going to hinder the country's development undertaken is committed by the government and private sectors. Furthermore, also feel the impact of corruption is from the education, health, and trade. Infrastructure and utilities such as roads, sewers, and irrigation and drainage and utilities sector will be affected from corrupt practices carried out. In addition, the community will also wither and fade.

To curb corruption and it can help promote sustainable development from the perspective of human Islam is going to feel the love of Allah and are afraid to commit corruption. Apart from that, they will not corrupt because they have taqwa in discharging duties entrusted by Allah to human to take care of the earth relative security. Humans who practice taqwa, they will be generous with their wealth and be able to hinder themselves from committing vile acts that can upset them into error. Furthermore, by curbing corruption, we can choose a leader who truly deserves to lead all beings on this earth. Therefore, they will perform all the tasks entrusted to them and maintain the trust that was given to them by the people. In addition, with the refrain from corruption through the approach of Islam, one of the lead will have a high iman and reign on this earth is at the best level.

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