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Did you all know corruption occur because of money... let me share with you something about it..

Corruption happens in humans will raise cost items needs of the population. In addition, it will also prevent the development of a country committed to the experience of corruption. Corruption made ​​up of several dimensions: economic, social and environmental. Corruption put the poor will suffer as the cost of living are increasing every day. Most corruption occurs from the private sector attended the government sector. This problem will also cause problems in education, health, and trade. It also will result in problems of infrastructure and public services. The main issue with that will happen is the social aspect, the value in the community.

Allah states that all Muslims should embrace fairness in life and forbids corruption. All Muslims must follow the code of ethics of human behavior to carry on this earth. Corruption problem often occurs in political circles as investing into areas that can get a lot of financial activity as a result of the corruption of investing in genuine need of financial assistance for the developing world. Lunn view that all religions share the same message as "do to others what you not have done to you". Every relationship as man and God, man and man, man and the universe should be taken care of in order to guarantee a social justice, peace and harmony. Justice should be adopted regardless of race, color or belief. In the Qur'an Allah states that any election or appointment and whose house job performance based on their ability to perform the task. Therefore, Islam promotes the environmental balance, social harmony, peace and security.

In the teachings of Islam, the concept of accountability associated with the human task on earth which must reflect the values ​​and moral framework set out in Islam. Man is a "khalifah" on this earth and man should take care of all the acts committed against on earth's resources. Selection not trusts people to take care of this nature will upset the voters to betray Allah. All such aspects of compliance with the law and external monitoring is not required if all inheritors of the earth if they love and fear of God. Compliance of the work reflects the concept of “taqwa” which is a key concept in the teaching of the Quran. Therefore, we can conclude that compliance with the moral framework in Islam is a measure of accountability to Allah. With this, the moral will help us to ward off corruption.

“Iman” that applied within all human beings should be based on values ​​such as codes of ethics and morality. Islam has emphasized his followers to support justice and work for a society that is unethical and immoral. To strengthen this aspect, people should keep two important pillars of prayer and the practice of charity. This practice will prevent people from falling into practice in corruption. If God does not give power to the people to defend themselves against corruption, corruption will surely overwhelm the earth. Moreover, Islam encourages its followers to be fair, do good, fight against corruption and unjust nature of the scrape.

In Islam, it called on all Muslims to support the justice and sustainable development stage. In addition, the effect of corruption will also result in invention moral framework for development, undermining the principles of sustainable development and instability. Those who use the concept of faith in shaping the development will make the development is in the best condition. Thus it is important for Muslim FBOs to start the development of strategies to deal with causes and weaknesses and proactively involved at the international level to fight corruption. For the avoidance of corruption internationally, they should use the approach of Islam so that the symptoms can be halted. Therefore, sustainable development, poverty reduction and justice can be implemented.

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